Hello, I know all of us are experiencing a very difficult present moment. It can be scary for some, depressing for others and a “hairy time” for all of our clients :). I know many of you are anxious to get back into your daily routines that you had prior to this pandemic. Personally, I am missing hugs! My friends, my team, and our beautiful clients. I write this message...

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Thank you for helping #SaveZibaBeauty

We’ve been working with our partners of small businesses to source COVID-19 essentials, which I know are currently challenging to find. From face masks & filters, gloves, hand sanitizer, toilet paper, and more…we hope you find what you need here. Click here to watch a personal message.    

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#SaveZibaBeauty - A favor, an ask, a request! We need your help

Please listen to a personal message from our Ziba Beauty CEO, Sumita Batra, about how you can help #SaveZibaBeauty by shopping COVID-19 Essentials, here

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