Sweet+Single Candy Scrub

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Bonblissity is run by Elissa and Jay Choi. Elissa's work as a dental hygienist demands that I wash my hands dozens of times every day. Unfortunately, squeaky clean hands often become painfully dry hands that lotions simply can’t tame. Being creative in the kitchen made it natural for them to combine some ingredients together and experiment. They took to the internet to research the best ingredients to resolve these issues.

These candy scrubs are a silky blend of natural butters and oils in a sugary, salty scrub. Each is individually wrapped (with recycled plastic) so you can exfoliate and moisturize hands or any small areas on-the-go. 

The Assorted Scents Box comes with the scents listed and also Sweet Satsuma, Mango Sorbet & Vanilla Brown Sugar.

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Sweet+Single Candy Scrub