Disinpro Uv-150 Auto Retracting & Portable Room Disinfection Device

Disinpro Uv-150 Auto Retracting & Portable Room Disinfection Device

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Disinpro UV-150 (Auto-Retractable) Portable, affordable, and yet effective non-pesticide-non-chemical disinfection device.  

Light Weight to Carry, Easy to store, and Extremely Simple to Operate with a Remote Control!

  • Remote Start Control. This unit has a 30-second delay after you hit the start button,
  • Included are Three timers to choose from…15 minutes, 30 minutes, and 60 minutes
  • Motion sensor. If someone walks into the room the unit turns off.

 We designed this Portable Remote Auto-Retracting, Anti-Germicidal LED Bacteria and Virus Killing light to have enough power (150W) to efficiently disinfect a room 20 X 20 (400 sq. ft. room) in only 15 minutes. This unit will run on 120V AC power. Perfect to just set on the floor and disinfect the area. For SAFETY the unit has a 30-second delayed start.  It has (3) preset timers of 15, 30, or 60 minutes for easy operation.  DO NOT STAY IN THE ROOM WHEN LIGHT IS ON. UVC LIGHT CAN CAUSE HARM TO YOUR EYES AND SKIN!

Prolonged exposure to UV light can cause burns to your eyes. We suggest that you turn the light on and walk out of the room. Leave on for 15-30 minutes DEPENDING UPON SIZE OF ROOM to get proper disinfection.

The Disinpro UV-150 has enough power to do both residential and commercial applications. 

What Is UVC? – Ultraviolet light is electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths shorter than visible light. UV can be separated into various ranges, with short-range UV (UVC) considered “germicidal UV.” Short-wave ultraviolet radiation, in the “C” band (200 to 280 nanometers) has been used for over 100 years for sterilization.

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Disinpro Uv-150 Auto Retracting & Portable Room Disinfection Device