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The DELUX PRO PAX is designed for professional makeup artists who want to present a sophisticated image to match their clients’ taste while maintaining a very safe set up. The brushes in this kit are premium, disposable and long handled to allow a smooth transition to single use brushes. This stunning, silver, sealed, stand up pouch is a symbol of excellence amongst artists and clients. The long handled brushes are packaged separately inside the PAX. There is a larger powder puff, other applicators and makeup sponges that are packaged in separate bags for added protection. You can choose from either small, medium or large sized gloves.  Your client will appreciate your attention to detail when you unseal the DELUX PRO PAX and safely set up your station just for them! You can write your client’s name on the back of the pouch in the space provided. When finished, simply give the DELUX PRO PAX to your client or safely dispose of it. 

Kit includes:

  • 1 pair gloves - black, nitrile, powder-free, latex-free, non-sterile, ambidextrous, available in small, medium and large sizes

  • 1 face mask - black 4-ply hypoallergenic earloop

  • 1 towel - black, biodegradable, plant fiber (16” x 31”)

  • 4 paper makeup palettes - special coated non-bleed white paper

  • 2 makeup sponges - wedge cut (1½” long x 7/8” thick) individually wrapped

  • 1 powder puff - white double-sided velour with satin ribbon (3.7” diameter)

  • 6 cotton swabs individually wrapped, white, point/round tip

  • 2 cleansing towelettes - individually wrapped

1 separate package includes:

  • 2 mascara wands - black nylon taper head

  • 1 spatula - angled bamboo (2¾”)

  • 3 spatulas - birchwood (2½”)

  • 2 makeup remover wipes with vitamin E - individually wrapped, alcohol-free

One Set Brushes - 6 black, long handled, which includes:

  • blush brush, natural hair (5 3/4”)

  • Eyeshadow applicator, PU foam (5”)

  • Lip brush, natural hair (5”)

  • Lash comb / Brow groomer, nylon, PS (5 1/2”)

  • Angled eyeshadow brush, natural hair (5”)

  • Eyeliner brush, natural hair (5”)

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Deluxe Pro Pax