beSFR Classic Apron

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An exclusively designed apron out of lightweight plastic to shield from any viruses/germs traveling to your garments. Also, the plastic material makes it much easier and more efficient to clean and sanitize unlike having to wash your standard cloth fabric apron. 

Features include: 

  • 2 lap pockets which allow you to tuck away and carry items
  • Front chest pocket for personal items such as your phone, wallet, etc.  Also, providing you a place for customization with your logo/or name. 
  • Adjustable neck strap to provide a fit to your liking
  • Adjustable waist strap to fashionably conform to your waist
  • Black matte finish hardware
  • Key Ring to keep your keys or Hand Sanitizer easily accessible

  • Double-needle stitching with reinforced tack construction for durability
  • 13oz weight
  • Material is: Tinted Black PVC plastic with faux leather trim to give it a chic look while still making it quick and easy to sanitize, clean, and disinfect 


***Customization with name/or logo available.  Please contact***

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beSFR Classic Apron