Prebiotic Formula

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At Health Plus, their purpose is clear: To provide people with well-researched, safe, effective nutritional supplements giving them the freedom to live happier, healthier lives. Commonly used ingredients in Ayurvedic medicine, a holistic healing practice developed in India over 3000 years ago, were not being leveraged in the US. They got to work in the back room of the stores using Psyllium Husk, a dietary fiber long known for its healing properties, and developed Colon Cleanse.

Today, Health Plus looks very different than it did 40 years ago. They no longer have retail stores and their expanded product line can be found in 1000’s of health food, grocery and drug stores nationwide. The most important things about their business, however, have not changed. Health Plus is family-run business that develops innovative products to improve digestive and overall health. Their female-owned company is led by Rita and her children Sunil and Shelly.

For nearly 40 years Health Plus has set the standard for quality. Their FDA complaint manufacturing facility studies, tests and manufactures supplements using the strictest protocols. Their team is committed to providing safe, effective products, created with the highest-quality ingredients, at an affordable price. 



Prebiotics are essential to the growth and survival of the good bacteria in our digestive tracts.* They are non digestible to humans but highly digestible to good bacteria, making them food for your probiotics.* Help the good bacteria in your system thrive by feeding them to prebiotic fibers they crave!*


  • HELPS: Maintain healthy gut flora*
  • PROVIDES: Food for your probiotics*
  • PROMOTES: Regularity*
  • INCLUDED: Inulin, FOS, Arabinogalactan Bark, Digestive Enzymes

Gluten Free – Soy Free – Dairy Free

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Prebiotic Formula